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Carl Cox (born 29 July 1962)[1] is a British house and techno record producer and DJ.[2][3][4]

Carl played at the 1st night of Danny Rampling's Shoom night after his return from Ibiza in the summer of 1987, largely seen as the original Balearic / Acid House night in London / the UK. In the 1980s, Cox became a mainstage DJ in the electronica industry.[5] He has performed at numerous clubs and events worldwide and has served as a monthly DJ for BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix.[6] He has hosted a residency known as 'Music is Revolution' every summer season at the world renowned nightclub, Space Ibiza, from 2001 to 2016.[7]

He runs the record label, Intec Digital, which was founded in 1999 as Intec Records.[8] Cox also had his own radio show, entitled 'Global'. In 2017 he announced that from February onwards he would no longer work on the show.[9][10] He has featured his own 'Carl Cox & Friends' stage at many festivals, such as Ultra Music Festival, The BPM Festival and Tomorrowland.

  • Marius
    August 4, 2021 at 10:49 am

    One of my favorites DJ’s!

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